Mirabilia, antichi valori in una cucina moderna

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In the summer of 2008, at the Marchi Cucine Kitchens Store in Parma we met a couple with a beautiful baby girl who were moving to a new house with more room for the child.

They told us they wanted a kitchen with a fresh, young atmosphere and with some connection to the rural past both of them had shared growing up.

The expert designers at the store perfectly understood the guidelines suggested by the young family and came up with an in-line composition based on the Mirabilia model, completed by a wall cabinet concealing a refrigerator and a large pantry.

The kitchen’s work area was enlivened by placing a stove and a large ceramic sink between the base units, which was the traditional set-up in the kitchens of extended families, and with the skilful arrangement of heights in the placement of the suspended wall units and the hood, it too providing storage space.

The colour scheme was based on luminous cream interspersed by the bright natural yellow of the pebbles used for the worktop and the hood frame. The colour contrast contributes to give character and personality to the whole room.

The result was a warm, sunny environment combining solid traditional values with practical modern functionality, an ideal kitchen for the baby to grow up in.

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  • Luigi

    Avarei fatto il piano di un altro colore,troppo scuro per i miei gusti… ma lo stile è molto elegante!

  • Enrica

    Che meraviglia! una cucina dove sentirsi veramente una cuoca provetta!

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